How much effort to put in styling a Christmas party outfit?

It’s Friday 9th December which means that we are almost two weeks away from Christmas. This also means that all the Christmas parties have begun and for us ladies this means shopping new party outfits, new dresses (most of the times), shoes and makeup, and everything else that an outfit can be made up of. A very large proportion of us get so carried out with all the Christmas advertisements and all the offers being sent by the shops that we end up buying a whole lot more than just one party outfit or what we actually had in mind. I think all this shopping craziness begins with the Black Friday sales.


For me every year is the same…I make a list of all the dresses I want to buy for the Christmas parties but then when I actually go shopping I don’t buy anything. This year was no exception!! Last week I was really tempted to buy this dress from Topshop, which is pretty affordable, but then I thought that in a week or two all the Christmas sales will start and if this goes on sale I will get so mad with myself for buying it on full price. I also remembered that I don’t wear dresses much so it’s better to buy something I really like rather than buy it because it’s Christmas and I have to wear a dress or buy something new. Is it logic that hits me? Maybe!!! (I’ll talk about this in another post). BUT do we really have to buy new clothes and make up a whole new outfit for our Christmas parties? Do we really have to make such a big effort? I think it all depends on our mood.

Tonight I have my very first Christmas party and to be honest I have absolutely no idea what I am going to wear. I bought a number of pieces on the sales during the last couple of weeks but I did not name them as Christmas party clothes or one might say that they are not extravagant enough for a party outfit! I’m not in the mood of wearing a dress and I feel like just wearing a pair of jeans and one of my new velvets top! Isn’t it better to just wear what we feel comfortable in and also not get stressed of having to buy new outfits for the Christmas parties/gatherings?

Here is a more laidback outfit inspiration which I am seriously considering in wearing: Mom Topshop jeans with a pink bell sleeve velvet top I bought from shein and my ‘Cinderella’ shoes from Newlook.

Might also consider this Blue velvet top from shein

But for now enjoy your Christmas outfits and dont get stressed over them!



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