Still on Christmas outfit shopping but not forgetting to Reuse and Restyle

We are a week before Christmas and I have bought absolutely nothing (including Christmas presents). Actually this is what I do every year, because a few days before Christmas all the sales start and I think it’s a bit useless to buy everything at full price. I was intending to do all my shopping this weekend but I had to make an urgent trip to Cyprus which sort of ruined my plans BUT this little trip will allow me to do some shopping from some of my favourite European high street brands! (Read more for a little secret regarding the pricing of European brands in the UK!).


So today I’ll be in the look out for Christmas outfit bargains. Hope I’ll manage with all the excitement that’s taken over me and actually think before I buy something. Most of the times, before I buy something I like to style it in my head and visualise myself wearing it, or think if it’s worth buying especially if I own something similar. The same thing happens when I go for Christmas outfit shopping because it is the only time of the year that I think it’s very easy to get carried away and buy more than what we really need or want. I try to remember all the party clothes I have and maybe haven’t worn for a long time so I try to restyle or reuse pieces from previous seasons. Because let’s not forget that fashion and trends are cyclical. Whatever was fashionable a few years ago will come back in fashion at some point. And if you are someone that doesn’t throw clothes away or takes care of things then you’ll surely reuse and restyle old clothes.

But irrespective of what I buy during my shopping spree I will surely be restyling old pieces for a Christmas outfit. And this little burgundy dress (LBD!) will be one! I bought this from Topshop exactly 3 years ago!! Its leather is so soft and durable that nothing has happened to it over the years. I don’t think burgundy was worn so much back then but it is now so yes I have one more Christmas outfit sorted. And I wont have to spend a penny for it because the whole outfit will be made up of items I already own!

I know we all love shopping and buying new things because it makes us feel good, but its good to sit back and think of what we already own and whether we can restyle some pieces and not get carried away.

Happy Christmas Outfits xx

Secret: Did you know that European brands are sold in the UK at the same price in Euros? For example if something is €30 in the EU, in the UK it is sold for £30…this is a bit unfair to be honest because if you buy items worth £200 then you’ve paid about €40 more. I usually save my purchases for when I visit a European country and buy everything then.

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