Can we all please take a moment to appreciate how lovely this high-street version of the Givenchy boots is?!











When look-alikes are so nice they surely need a post devoted to them!

It was about three months ago that I started looking for a pair of ankle black boots! At first I simply wanted to replace my old Max&Co ones which I have been wearing for well over five years (I absolutely love them…and they were such a classic pair) but then I fell in love with all the trending velvet boots but I also loved the chunky military ones and the studded ones. I didn’t know what to buy first until I came across these dreamy Givenchy studded ankle boots. OMG! BUT then I saw the price and unfortunately a pair of boots that costs £900 is not something that we can all afford to buy. Dont forget that this blog is all about the promotion of affordable clothing.

I fell in love with them and I started looking around for a similar pair. I never felt so determined about something. Unfortunately, I was so determined that whatever I saw or tried on I didn’t like. Stradivarius, Bershka, Zara, Asos, all had some very nice boots but those Givenchy kept coming back to mind. At some point I thought ‘ok I’m just going to buy them and stop losing my sleep over them’. But the price is extortionate.

Then on Christmas Eve as I was taking a stroll in town, I walked outside Topshop and I saw a pair of studded ankle boots. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I literally thought they were the Givenchy ones and someone was playing with my mind. But no, Topshop created their own version for only £85. Link here.

It didn’t take much time to try them on and order them! Didnt even have to think about it. I love it when high-street brands create such pieces. Last year I bought a pair of Aquazzura look-alikes from River Island for a 10th of the price. So shop around guys before you buy something.

My outfit includes:

Fishnets X (this season’s addiction)

Primark mini skirt

KENZO Oversized Ruffled Blouse (now on sale at Harvey Nichols)

Hope you like it x

Other booties I considered:

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