Metallic to be key trend in 2017. Are you ready to shine?


In Spring 2017, glittering pants, skirts and jauntily cut dresses will take us back to the 80s.

Back in September when the fashion shows for Spring/Summer 2017 were taking place some of the biggest brands featured a great deal of metallic looks on the runways. This trend which was and is very much in right now is simply something from the ‘80s that has been adopted for 2017. Glittering and shiny pants, skirts, shoes, outerwear are all over, short little dresses and funky cut designs often have the metallic aspect.

Some of my favourite pieces are definitely the metallic loafers and boots (Topshop has some stunning affordable ones), those colourful metallic sandals (Primark has a stunning look-alikes to the pink Gucci ones), jackets, but also pleated skirts similar to the one I´m wearing. See below at some of my favourite pieces!

But how would you style a metallic skirt, jacket, and pair of shoes without looking like a candy wrap?! In my opinion a head to toe metallic look is way too much, because it can easily look tacky. Just imagine wearing a bronze metallic skirt with a pair of pink metallic shoes…em NO!

The best way to style a metallic piece is by choosing a single key item that you would like to highlight in your outfit and combine that with some neutral colours. This will make that key piece stand out but also add sparkle to your outfit and make it more fun.

Here I have restyled this metallic pleated skirt bought from Asos back in October 2015 and am featuring a monochrome look, which has and is probably still worn a lot.

Lace-up sweater is shein │ Lace shirt is Forever21 │ Boots are Topshop














Here are some metallic pieces that I love:

How would you style a metallic piece?

Hope you like this x

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