What is stylemyMood all about?


Its been about a month now that I started my own fashion and style blog and I thought it’d be nice to talk to you about it and tell you guys how the idea came about, what inspired me, what is its focus and why I’m doing it!

My background in general has nothing to do with fashion or styling. I studied something completely different and I currently work at a University. The closest I ever got to the fashion industry is that my dad was a shoe designer back in the 80s when it was very cheap to design and produce shoes in Cyprus! I remember him designing shoes and then bringing all the materials at home where he’d show my mum how to actually make the shoe (I guess back then shoes were more handmade!). Oh and the lady that looked after me when I was a toddler was – maybe still is – a seamstress and dressmaker. I remember all her friends coming around for coffee and sitting and reading fashion magazines and designing their own dresses and then my aunt would make them!

So the idea of a blog popped in my head about 8 months ago after a number of years of getting positive comments about my styling and clothes. The most striking comment I’d get, which is what really inspired me to start this blog, was ‘what you’re wearing must have cost a fortune’ or ‘how much is that…too much i guess’, when in reality most (if not all) of my clothes are from Primark, ZARA, h&m, asos, etc (and now Aliexpress). Which are really cheap and affordable high-street brands. As you probably already know from my posts and photos my style is not very classic and it changes depending on my mood. I like to buy new things every season which means I cannot afford to buy expensive clothes that I might not wear the following season or year. I prefer to buy more affordable and cheaper clothes and wear them for as long as I feel like it rather than one buy one piece and nothing else.



It was in October 2016 whilst I was on a business trip in Brussels that I decided to start my own blog. I was strolling around one of the city’s shopping streets when I saw a pair of red boots that I absolutely loved. Then I saw the price tag and realised that I couldn’t afford them straight away cause I hadn’t saved for them. So I decided to go into one of the high-street shops and try my luck there. Not only did I find a nicer pair of boots but I also found so many other things that their design was so nice that they could have been compared to any luxury brand. So its not about the brand nor the logo not even the price. Its about the style! Every piece of clothing irrespective of its price means nothing and all look the same until someone lives in them and styles them!

And thats when I decided to start my blog. I want to use the blog to show women that they can look fashionable, stylish, chic and trendy without having to spend a fortune on clothing. My aim is to post affordable outfit ideas by wearing clothes that everyone can buy! I will try to find new affordable brands and show you guys how I like to style my clothes, but I will also give you guys a heads up on upcoming trends and must-haves!





Some of you might say that in some of my photos I am wearing expensive shoes or hold luxury bags. I am not promoting these through the blog but yes its true, I own a few classic items but not  a whole lot of them! Sometimes I save money and like to splurge on luxury brand items which I will buy only because they are classic and I know I will be using them for more than one season or a couple of years. But most of the expensive items I own are gifts from a beloved family member who likes to spoil me!

I hope you like the idea and keep coming back to read the posts and see how I like to style my clothes. I also hope that the outfits give you some inspiration and a heads up on some affordable shops (online too). I also want to know more about what you guys wear and if you have any cheap brands in mind please share them

Enjoy x

In this outfit I am wearing (most of these are now on sale):

Topshop Mom Jeans | Forever21 sweater | Office boots | asos coat


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