A more feminine tomboy look!



Remember the days when hoodies and bomber jackets were only worn by teenage boys, skate park maniacs or women going to the gym? Well forget about those days!


It seems that the more laid back sporty look which made its way into the fashion world a few seasons ago is a trend that is here to stay. We first saw superstars like Selena Gomez and reality stars like Kendal Jenner (i.e. supermodel) rocking the look but since then the trend has become a favourite and is now loved my many as we have seen it being worn with Chanel slingbacks, feminine tote bags and those cat-eye Fendi sunglasses.

I must admit that I am a very big fan of the trend myself. My love for it started when I finished university in London and went back home to Cyprus, small island in the Mediterranean sea, where everybody wanted to look posh and most ladies would go out to Starbucks dressed to the nines. But all I wanted was to be able to step out of my house in my laid back student style, which included my University of Manchester hoodie and a black bomber jacket, without worrying about what others would say about my clothes; and that’s what I did! And since then I have been trying to combine the two worlds of style and sport, which I must admit is not an easy task as it is a whole lifestyle and requires some attitude too.






And as you may have guessed I love it now that all sportswear can be worn in a way that one wishes. Leggings with 15in Louboutins, pleated skirts with Vans or even formal suits with white sneakers and bomber jackets!!! I just love it because it allows you to be feminine and elegant but in a more laid back way.

Here I am wearing one of my favourite sporty luxe outfits, which I put together only by thinking that I wanted to wear this new pair of h&m V heels (which I loved the minute I laid my eyes on them).

Hope you like it x

Jeans ZARA (no longer available but here is one i found i liked at h&m) | Bomber jacket Primark (one from Topshop)| Shoes h&m | Hoodie stolen from my partner













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