February is the month for restyling


February is the last month of winter and it brings us 28 days closer to spring! By this time we have bought most of those trendy autumn-winter items that we had in our wishlists, the sales have come and gone and hopefully we managed to grab hold of the bargains we were looking for, and we are ready to rock and welcome spring in the most stylish outfits.


Yet today I woke up with no inspiration at all…I just sat there staring at my clothes hoping that something would scream ‘please pick me and me’. But no, all I could think of was that I have to buy new clothes because I feel that everything I bought during the last 3 months has been worn so many times that I’ve exhausted most of my outfit combinations and style inspiration. Which is not true!


I think the problem with February is that all the shops start bringing out their spring collections which always include colourful and summery textiles that make you want to buy them but also make you feel that all the clothes you own are so not cool to wear. To be honest though, I don’t think that February is the ideal month to start shopping for the new season. I don’t like it when I buy things that I cannot wear for a long time. I mean how can you buy a pair of sliders when you’ll wear them in 5 month’s time (and where I live maybe never!!!). When I buy something I have to wear it straight away. February is, however, the ideal month to prep yourself for the new season by doing your research, flipping through those fashion magazines, checking out the online shops, looking at all the trends and making those wish lists. But the most important of all is to start saving for everything that you want to buy.










So if we cannot shop then how do we come up with new outfits? February (and part of March) is the month where I do a lot of restyling. It’s that time of the year where I dig through my closet trying to find old pieces that I haven’t worn in a long time; because when I do that and I manage (which I always do) to come up with an outfit I feel like everything is new even though it’s not. And the feeling is so nice. Just think about it: new outfit combo without spending a penny. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find this quite fun and challenging.

Here I am wearing mainly items from previous seasons, except from the top which is AW 16/17:

Culottes Zara | Top Primark | Boots Michael Kors | Coat Primark | Bag See by Chloé

Hope I have inspired you enough to go dig in your closet and get those forgotten tops and pants out and make them feel wanted again!



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