How to toughen up the floral trend


Would you agree with me that florals are always around especially during spring and summer when the shops are filled with colours, prints, flowery designs and sheer textiles? It seems that this season will be no exception as major brands showed their obsession from autumn 2016 when they launched a few pieces. Remember all those ZARA embroidered shirts? They were all covered in flowers but all we were obsessed with was the embroidery. H&M also launched some floral dresses but were sold out in a few days; and were too dark for my liking.

But how does one wear a floral dress/blouse/trousers without feeling too sweet, too girly or too pretty?


To be honest, I am not a big flower fan. I have not worn something with flower prints in a very long time because I find it difficult to wear more than 3 colours in a single outfit. And if I do wear something it will be in the summer and only if the main colour is white and the flowers are teeny tiny ones and barely show. So no I haven’t worn anything with big flowers in more than a decade.

But now everything is big, including the flowers! And even though I love some of the floral pieces that are hanging on the racks of some of my favourite high-street brands I’m still not sure how I can pull it off. So I decided to take it one step at a time. My first attempt is this outfit.













I fell in love with this floral top from H&M’s latest collection which I decided to combine  with a pair of black leather leggings and make the outfit look more tough than pretty.

Hope you like it x

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