The Anti-Valentines Outfit

dsc_0048Sorry for the not so girly or pink filled with red hearts post but all the Valentines frenzy made me want to prepare an anti-valentines outfit. This is effortless, pretty laid back and casual and does not involve a body hugging dress or a sexy lace top. The post does not include gift lists, flowers or jewellery boxes.

Yes I do like to feel like a women every now and then or be spoilt with flowers, romance, cuddles and kisses, spontaneous acts of love or even a daily hug where none of us talks coz this is a great stress reliever. But I don’t like it when we are asked to act in a specific way on a specific day. So No I’m not doing anything special on the V day; I’m not buying a new outfit or wearing something red and sexy; I’m not arranging a big dinner date!

This will be a normal day like any other where I’ll wake up in the morning, take the dog for a walk, get ready for work (I actually have a deadline to submit some documents)  the office, go to the gym and then a quiet night in with the hubby – we will actually see each other after our short trip to Cyprus where we spent a few days apart. I think this is the best thing for a couple to do every now and then because it allows you to do things you love as an individual, absence makes the heart grow fonder, it restores the magic and reignites the attraction, remember that you’re a person yourself and above all avoid the daily silly fights.

I get it that V-day might be an ‘important’ thing when you are a teenager but not when you are in your 20s, 30s or married. Why do we have to wait for a specific day to show our love or wear red or something sexy or arrange to go out with our other half or do the whole valentines thing? We shouldn’t wait for these things, we should opt to do these things whenever we feel like it. The most important thing is to show our love every single day, make the little things count, do something different every now and then, get out of our routines and enjoy each other’s company. But if they don’t happen every day or every week we shouldn’t worry because with our daily responsibilities, stress and routine it is difficult to sit back and think about anything else.

So lets do this throughthe year and not only on Valentines day.

For this boyish outfit I’m wearing:

Topshop Mom Jeans | Top from a vintage fair | Faux fur coat Dorothy Perkins | Slippers Gucci | Bag MCM




















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