The Big Ruffle is getting bigger


This will be my last winter-looking post but it will certainly not be the last of the frills and ruffles. The trend sneaked into our fashion lives about a year ago, at least that’s when I bought my first ruffled ZARA top. But as I was buying it I never realised how big the trend would get. Last night’s Burberry fashion show, held as part of London fashion Week, confirmed that frills will continue to be a trend in Spring and I’m just hoping that it will be so big that I will be able to wear all my new ruffled knitwear, like the one in this post, in Autumn/Winter 2017.

The recent fashion shows revealed some very big frills and ruffles that show up on every single piece of clothing. Not just one set of them though, so many that make the eyes pop out! Remember how they used to dress during the Victorian era? Well that’s how big frills and ruffles are going to get. They’re going to make you feel like a good old Victorian Queen!

Up until now we’ve seen them on shirts, tops, sleeves and cuffs but I’ve recently noticed these exciting pieces of material sneaking onto trousers and I particularly like these, but have not yet found an affordable pair (please contact me if you have anything in mind). I’m not talking about the ordinary bell trousers, that one may assume it’s a ruffle, but the ones which have ruffles on the sides and those with ruffles all over or that start at knee length and are so asymmetric that you cannot count how many sets of them there are.

But what’s the best way to wear ruffles and frills this spring:

  • Make it the focal point of your outfit and make sure its dramatic
  • Go BIG and choose something extraordinary, because oversized is also trending this season
  • Use them to cover up or expose certain parts of the body
  • Pair it with less dramatic pieces (simple skinny jeans, miniskirts, plain tops)

Here I chose to pair this ruffled sweater with skinny jeans (that I ripped myself). My outfit:

Top Chicwish | Skinny Black Jeans Primark (similar) | Shoes Gucci (similar) | Mums Vintage Suede Coat



















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