Beating the Spring freeze


Today I woke up feeling determined to wear a more spring looking outfit. I even tried to wear the new pair of slippers I bought. But saw the weather and thought that I’d be mad if I wear lighter clothes and slippers. So I came up with what I’m wearing here; as you can see there are no spring vibes 😦

March is here and we all think its spring and we’re all looking forward to wearing less layers, lighter and more colourful clothes. I’m particularly looking forward to wearing that new pair of slippers (I’ll show you these at some point). But, officially its not spring yet (thats on 20th March! not long to go) and probably that’s why its still so cold outside. So we still have to layer up to keep ourselves warm until spring officially arrives.

That’s exactly what I did today and came up with this outfit at the very last minute. I thought I’d share it with you guys as some outfit inspo to beat the spring freeze. The frilly socks might be the only spring looking piece I’m wearing!

Despite the moody weather I would like to share with you guys two new affordable brands that I found and have some really nice spring pieces:

  1. Glamorous, available on the asos website. I bought a few pieces from this brand during the last couple of years and I must say that they’re pretty unique and very reasonably priced.
  2. Nobody’s Child. I recently found this brand and I thought I’d share it with you guys as I liked the edginess of the collection.

Hope you like both the outfit and the brands I’m sharing  x








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