A fresh take on these comfy trousers


Everyone seems to be talking about so many trends this season. If you go online, on fashion blogs or social media all you see being featured are embroidered tops and bottoms, the gingham trend, off-shoulder tops, ruffles and all sorts of jeans (be it skinny, mom, high-waist, boyfriend, you name it) with embroidery, ruffles, raw ends and the story goes on and on. But I haven’t seen anywhere the very comfortable and easy to wear Tapered trousers. Is it because they are not so flattering to wear and a bit tricky to style?

Relaxed through the hips and narrow toward the ankles, this cut covers the widest part of the leg while highlighting the thinnest part for a chic and flattering silhouette. I must admit, though, that some of them do look like a pair of PJs, but then PJs are quite trendy this season, or something that my mum would wear because it’s comfortable! But that’s the simple reason why they are so good: they’re comfy and comfy is quite important this season. The fact that they’re not figure hugging allows our body to breathe unlike those hold-your-breathe skinny or high waist pairs.

I like to wear them with a basic top and here I’ve paired them with a denim shirt that hits high on the thigh. Instead of the shirt you can try pairing them with tops or jackets that fall down to that length. For your summer outfits it is safe to try a bright colour or pair a monochrome one with overstated shoes.

They are perfect for an all-day outfit as they can be easily transformed to a night outfit by wearing a pair of high heels. Here I have kept it simple with a pair of loafers as I’m featuring a more laid-back office outfit.










And since this blog is all about affordability, restyling and reusing current or old clothes, the pair of tapered trousers I’m featuring here are about three years old from asos.com. As I’m growing a baby bump I’ll be doing a great deal of restyling during the next 5-6 months; coz I don’t think it’s a good idea to invest in clothes that won’t fit me next year (or hopefully after the bump is gone).

I have down my research though and listed my favourite pair of tapered trousers that are available in online shops.

Hope you like these x

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