Trend or not: this is the all-time favourite summer top

Last year, when we it became a ‘trend’ we saw it being featured in its original horizontal drop just off the shoulders. But this year there are so many names and versions to the off-shoulder or bardot (named after Brigitte Bardot) top which I find it to be a sexier name! I love how its transformed from a simple off shoulder top to a more dramatic one that includes ruffles, puffed-up / bell sleeves or its even become a wrap-around shirt (making boring shirts look sexy). But is the off-shoulder-top really a trend? Is it really something that will be forgotten next year?


I don’t think so!

The recent runways may have been filled with shoulder-baring ensembles but this trend has been on-and-off the scene since the mid-1800s. Off shoulder tops have always been worn throughout the years especially by women who want to look and feel sexy. And I think we owe this one to Brigitte Bardot. She’s put a sexy spin on this look during the 1960s, wearing off-the-shoulder tops with everything from midi skirts to pants.






So its sexy and we love wearing it with our summer outfits. Summer is the time during which we wear less clothes, we show more flesh, especially, our tanned skin so what better way to do it other than wearing the all-time favourite off-shoulder-top.

But there is one more reason why I love it and always one or two or maybe three if you include the dresses. I find it very light and airy and love wearing it during those hot summer days. All I have to do is simply dab an illuminating body lotion on those sexy clavicles, and I’m prepped to wear this all-time favourite summer top.

In the pictures I am wearing a simple white off-shoulder-top, bargain from aliexpress, in two different outfits.

All items I’m wearing are from previous seasons because let’s not forget that this blog is all about restyling and reusing our affordable pieces.

Hope you like the outfits and find some inspiration for your summer outfits 🙂


At the end of this article you will find my wishlist of off-shoulder-tops. I must admit that this year I struggled to find tops that are sexy but also long enough to cover for my growing baby bump. So I did a LOT of research to find ones I like!

Nicole x









And here is my list of off-shoulder tops:

12 thoughts on “Trend or not: this is the all-time favourite summer top

  1. Off-the-shoulder styled tops and dresses started to make their rise around spring of last year, and they’ve only grown more popular since. And I don’t think it will be forgotten next year.


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