Way too excited for my Libby May London Collaboration

Finally, I can officially share the news with you guys.

LibbyMay 3

A few months ago I was informed that I was selected to be a Brand Ambassador for Libby May London, but for a number reasons I couldn’t share a lot about it apart from the discount code (BLOG15) that will give you a 15% off on all Libby May products on http://www.heidico.com !!! Libby May is one of three jewellery labels that make up the Heidi & Co brand, together with Smeidi London and Evy B London.

I can’t really explain in words how happy and excited I am over this collaboration. It is not just the fact that this is my very first collaboration as a blogger and it was totally unexpected, but also because I am absolutely in love with all Libby May jewellery. Just look at this half-moon necklace I’m wearing in the photos. Which you can find here. And dont forget your discount code BLOG15.

LibbyMay 1

LibbyMay 10
Everything is so delicate and simple and this is something that I love. I feel that they represent me and my style. Being petite I rarely wear lots of heavy jewellery as I feel that it takes over me and my outfit.

If you visit the website, you’ll realise that everything is unique in its own way which makes it suitable for all kinds of girls and their different styles! Some pieces represent a more rock chic style but I’d happily wear them with a formal outfit. Whereas others are elegant and classic but they’d still look stunning in sportswear (absolutely love this combo – sportswear + classic details = love)!

LibbyMay 9

LibbyMay 11

LibbyMay 8


LibbyMay 7
The best part about Libby May is that it’s an affordable brand which means that girls don’t have to spend a fortune to buy stylish and trendy (and sterling silver) jewellery. And we all know that affordability is the focus of my blog.

And to top all of this let me just say that 10% of all Libby May profits are donated directly to the NATSIRT fund. NATSIRT, founded by the first lady of Heidi & Co, is committed to eradicating blood cancers and supporting those affected by them.

LibbyMay 12

LibbyMay 5

I think I’ve given you guys more than enough reasons to go onto the Libby May website and complete your first purchase.

Hope you like it as much as I do.

Nicole x

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