About Me

Hey guys welcome to style my Mood. I’ll be using this space to post about things I love and some thoughts that I have so you can find a little bit about me.

I am an average everyday kind of girl who loves fashion, fitness, food and dogs; and the most important thing about me is that I never feel reassured with life. I love getting up to new things and this is how this blog came about!

I was born and raised in sunny Cyprus but for the name of love I moved to the rainy UK (Leeds)! I have always been passionate about fashion, clothes, bags and everything that makes women look and feel beautiful. As the UK’s Vogue Editor, Alexandra Schulman, said ‘Fashion should be something that everybody-no matter their age, size, creed, profession-should be encouraged to enjoy’. Moving to the UK has helped develop and maybe change my style but it made me realise that women don’t have to spend a fortune to look stylish. There are so many options out there, online and offline, which make it affordable for women to look stylish and beautiful without spending a whole month’s salary on an outfit. Through this blog I want to show women that they can look stylish only by wearing the cheapest clothing available. Don’t get me wrong, I love a piece of luxury item but it’s very difficult for an average every day girl to buy designer brands on a regular basis. I own some designer items myself, mostly bags and shoes, but when I do buy one it’s usually a classic item which I will wear or hold forever and ever. Most of the ones that you will see in my photos are from a family member that likes to spoil me with designer goodies.

Generally I like to improvise a lot with my clothes and I wouldn’t say that my style is classic! What I can say though is that what I wear depends on my mood (hence, the name of my blog!) and it changes a lot from day to day. Sometimes I’ll be going through a girly, childlike stage and wear a pretty lace dress. Then sometimes I’ll be moody and just wear black.

On another note, I also love fitness training, as in going to the gym! But not just doing the treadmill etc. (I hate that), I am a fitness instructor and I teach Body Pump and Body Combat. I absolutely love making people happy when they come to my classes and my aim is to help my participants achieve their goals, whatever these are!

I hope you enjoy reading every single post!

Nicoletta x