Still on Christmas outfit shopping but not forgetting to Reuse and Restyle

We are a week before Christmas and I have bought absolutely nothing (including Christmas presents). Actually this is what I do every year, because a few days before Christmas all the sales start and I think it’s a bit useless to buy everything at full price. I was intending to do all my shopping this weekend but I had to make an urgent trip to Cyprus which sort of ruined my plans BUT this little trip will allow me to do some shopping from some of my favourite European high street brands! (Read more for a little secret regarding the pricing of European brands in the UK!).

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Is there a specific way that we should dress up for work?!

Very often I get asked (or get strange looks) why I put so much effort in styling the outfits that I wear to work. I don’t work in the industry and my job has nothing to do with clothes, fashion, styling or anything related to it (I am a University Funding Coordinator!). Most of the time I come to work and just sit in the office in front of a PC so some might say that’s not worth wearing anything more than a pair of jeans and a hoody. But …

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How much effort to put in styling a Christmas party outfit?

It’s Friday 9th December which means that we are almost two weeks away from Christmas. This also means that all the Christmas parties have begun and for us ladies this means shopping new party outfits, new dresses (most of the times), shoes and makeup, and everything else that an outfit can be made up of. A very large proportion of us get so carried out with all the Christmas advertisements and all the offers being sent by the shops that we end up buying a whole lot more than just one party outfit or what we actually had in mind. I think all this shopping craziness begins with the Black Friday sales.

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Shopping on AliExpress: Hints & Tips!

After talking to a friend back in the summer about all the new clothes I wanted to buy, she suggested I have a look at AliExpress because of the endless affordable options that are available. The minute I went onto the website and I saw what was available I wanted to buy everything. Within seconds my basket included items worth more than £500 (damage done there). In the end I didn’t even buy half of what I added to my basket because I realised that not everything was of good quality or from a trusted/established seller. There are so many sellers and options available that you need to be careful what and from who you are buying. So in this post I have tried to put together a list of hints & tips that will help you

Now some of you might say that everything sold on the website is a copy of the high end brands…BUT isn’t this what all high-street shops do anyway? I mean look at ZARA’s latest pieces…if not all, most of the items are copies of the luxury brands. This is something I love though, because it allows all of us to wear stylish affordable clothes.

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Love for Lace

To be entirely honest, when I was younger I hated lace. I used to think that it was a fabric only worn by grannies. I saw my mum wearing lace and I wanted to scream and tell her that she needs to start dressing like her age, i.e. a bit more modern! Little did I know that after buying my very first Dolce & Gabbana shoes (worn in the pictures), which I fell in love with at first sight, I would also fall in love with lace in general.

I find it so classy and chic and romantic! I absolutely love it. There is no way that I will see something lace and not like it. And this is exactly what happened with this Fashion Union Long Sleeve Smock Dress With Lace Inserts.

Here I mixed it with the classic lace of the Dolce & Gabbana shoes and the timeless Bottega Veneta clutch.

One Christmas party outfit sorted √