Shopping on AliExpress: Hints & Tips!

After talking to a friend back in the summer about all the new clothes I wanted to buy, she suggested I have a look at AliExpress because of the endless affordable options that are available. The minute I went onto the website and I saw what was available I wanted to buy everything. Within seconds my basket included items worth more than £500 (damage done there). In the end I didn’t even buy half of what I added to my basket because I realised that not everything was of good quality or from a trusted/established seller. There are so many sellers and options available that you need to be careful what and from who you are buying. So in this post I have tried to put together a list of hints & tips that will help you

Now some of you might say that everything sold on the website is a copy of the high end brands…BUT isn’t this what all high-street shops do anyway? I mean look at ZARA’s latest pieces…if not all, most of the items are copies of the luxury brands. This is something I love though, because it allows all of us to wear stylish affordable clothes.

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